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At dermatologychannel, our goal is to empower you with the consumer health information you need in order to be informed about any of your existing conditions, your health and well-being. Below are some examples of how dermatologychannel can help patients and browsers connect with each other on their health issues and concerns. There are also examples of how our channel's dermatologists respond to the health requests of browsers like you in our Dermatology Forum.

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Section: Dermatology - General
From: E.E. 07/30/01

I have suffered from contact dermatitis for the 4 years. After being patch tested and going private, I was told not to handle white metal, coins etc. and to wear rubber gloves whilst handling almost anything and only to use baby products for personal hygiene. My hands were sore, swollen with itchy blisters and sometimes I could hardly open my hands out. My finger nails wouldn't grow and it started to appear on the soles of my feet. Anyway after all the steroid creams etc. I have found a cure myself. AN Anti-histamine tablet once a day and my hands are back to normal. I no longer wear rubber gloves for anything. I don't need hand cream at all and my hands are as soft as they ever were. My nails are still crinkled and now and again I get a little blister but no more itchy, sore skin. I am really so pleased with the results and wonder why after 4 years of suffering that the doctors didn't tell me that a little tablet would cure me. I really hope that if that there are any other sufferers reading this that they give it a try, as it really has worked for me. The anti-histamine tablet that I take is called Claritin (10mg once a day).

Section: Dermatology - General
From: J.M. 06/30/01

Congratulations on your wonderful page.

Section: Dermatology - General
From: Anonymous 06/01/01

Thank you very very much for the information about hemangiomas. As a new mother, this was very useful and comforting for me to read. For some reason, it is not so easy to find information on this type of birthmark. Your site provided comprehension scientific info in an accessible way. THANKS!

Section: Dermatology - General
From: M.F. 05/20/01

I couldn't find anything on molluscum contagium on the internet but I found everything I needed to know about it here. Thank you.

Section: Dermatology - General
From: K.I. 12/13/00

Thank you sooooo much for responding. I wasn't sure that all this internet stuff works. So cool! You have made my day... have a great one yourself!

Section: Dermatology - General
From: A.R. 12/04/00

Good morning,
I just wanted to let you know that the Health Communities web site is one of the best designed I have noticed on the web. I design web site as a hobby (for free) for friends, my college (I am a retired teacher) and am always looked at design as well as content.

You have extended your sensational site map design on the link pages in an very well designed (by my standards) manner. Congratulations on a job well done.

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